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Africa-Diaspora Forum for Research and Development e.V.

2.1. Up coming Events

  • ADFRaD e.V will be organizing a training workshop including community meetings and media engagements from 05 -16 April 2021 in Ghana to train Multiplicators/COMBAT Groups and Stakeholders on how to deal with cases of witchcraft practices by Sensitizing and Empowering Vulnerable Groups to Act as Agents of Change and Development through Social Inclusion in their Communities.
  • We will be organizing a general conference in Berlin come October 2022 on the theme, Africa and the Migration Crisis in Europe. We intend to address the cause of flight and to propose the way forward and what Europe and Africa should do to curb the high influx of migrants. The conference date will be announced in due course.



The challenges in the area of migration in recent years are constantly evolving, thereby creating a need to find lasting solutions to the changes in migration flows and response to changes in policy and priorities. In recent years, Europe, in general, and Germany, in particular, have witnessed a massive inflow of migrants from neighbouring countries, including third world countries. The migration crisis appears to have been spearheaded by several political, economic and social factors, resulting from quest for economic and political superiority, human rights abuses, bad governance, absence of the rule of law, unemployment, etc. These factors, among others, have forced several citizens to migrate from their countries of origins, particularly, third world countries, in search of security, employment opportunities and better standards of living.

Several migrants, including African migrants, have often described Germany as a land of ‘‘Milk and Honey’’ where their dreams can be successfully realized. Many have described the recent migration crisis in Europe as an economic war waged by some governments against its citizens making it unfounded for them to be granted asylum status. In addition to the influx of migrants from Ukraine, third world countries are also making records higher than expected, thereby increasing economic burden on Germany and other European states.

According to the Federal office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) 2021 statistics, a total of 11,817,790 foreign population submitted request for protection status in Germany with 650,665 from Africa and 62,100 rejected cases from applicants from Africa (Statistisches Bundesamt, 12, July 2022). In August 2022, the Federal office also reported that it decided on 151,271 asylum applications (both initial and follow-up applications) with an overall protection rate of 55.4 %. The applications of 33,165 persons were rejected, with 34,337 Dublin applications accounted for by other procedural disposals (BAMF, Asylgeschäfsstatistik August, 2022). Those whose applications were rejected are often notified and requested to return to their countries of origins or faced with deportation. This is because their applications were either considered inadmissible and unfounded for granting asylum or international protection status as define by the 1951 Refugee Convention. In order not to remain illegal in Germany with no protection status or prospects, they are forced to leave voluntarily or deported to their home countries. Voluntary return without any doubt is seen as the best option for illegal migrants without protection status as compared to deportation.

Combating irregular migration through voluntary return and ensuring reintegration has raise many eyebrows amongst migration practitioners, states, civil society organizations and activist as to how effective this can be achieved, taking into consideration the challenges faced by countries of origin. Africa-Diaspora Forum for Research and Development e. V 2022 annual conference seeks to address the challenges of the migration crisis in Europe and to brainstorm on the necessity of voluntary return of illegal and undocumented migrants and to ensure effective return and sustainable reintegration of those willing to return to their countries of origin.

Proposals and recommendations for long-lasting solutions on how third world-countries can collaborate with Germany, in particular, and Europe as a whole, to find lasting solutions to illegal migration and to facilitate voluntary return and reintegration in Africa would also be discussed.

The objective of ADFRaD is not only to facilitate the voluntary return of migrants to countries of origin but also to ensure that they are well trained and equipped with the necessary skills and resources to facilitate effective and sustainable reintegration when they finally return.

It is obvious that several institutions coordinating voluntary return programs in third countries are not well versed with the real life and economic situations and challenges in the different countries of origin. A joint cooperation with states institutions like consular authorities, Africa-Diaspora Forum and other actors to improve on the employment situation and a new start-up support strategy for effective and sustainable reintegration would further serve as a motivating factor for returnees and those still willing to return to their countries of origin.

A further cooperation with states will give room for more opportunities like public sensitization and awareness raising on appropriately legal channels for migration in countries of origin to further reduce the risk of illegal immigration and promote legal migration.

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