Africa-Diaspora Forum for Research and Development e.V.

Africa-Diaspora Forum for Research and Development e.V.

Who we are

Über uns
ADFRaD wurde von einem Team von Gleichgesinnten gegründet, die sich um die Entwicklungskluft zwischen dem globalen Norden, insbesondere aus Afrika, und dem globalen Süden, insbesondere Europa, und um die Notwendigkeit bemühten, diese wachsende Kluft durch interkulturelles Engagement, Wissenstransfer und -austausch, Bildung und Sensibilisierung, Förderung des Weltfriedens und Achtung der Menschenrechte, globale Solidarität und Entwicklungszusammenarbeit zu schließen.

Our Objectives
Work in collaboration with like-minded and other identifiable stakeholders to:

  • Promote equal rights for men and women and global peace for sustainable development.
  • Contribute to the mitigation of illegal migration.
  • Promote education and research.
  • To promote democratic global governance, rule of law and equal justice for all without discrimination.
  • Promote development cooperation between the global south (Africa) and the global north (Europe).
  • Promote tolerance in all areas of culture.
  • Fight against climate change through environmental protection/promote climate justice.
  • Empower people to act as agents of change in their communities.

What we do
We dedicate our time in the implementation of scientific events and research projects, education, research and networking activities and campaigns, organisation of educational training workshops, information sharing/sensitization, mentoring and counselling programs. ADFRaD also collaborate with individuals, organizations, agencies and groups who share its founding values, vision, mission and objectives. We also offer consultancy services to individuals, organisations, agencies and groups. For instance, from October 2018 – October 2019, our team offered services and collaborated with a Non Governmental Organisation (Initiative Black and White e.V.) in Germany to implement a project of 48000Euros under the sponsorship of the German Society for International Cooperation, Ltd (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), GmbH to fight against ‘the Causes of Flight in Africa(Ghana)’.

Current/Ongoing Project

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Our Team

ADFRaD leadership are from diverse backgrounds. With many years of wide ranging experiences, the team is made up of people with firsthand knowledge in project management, coordination and implementation especially related to Human Rights Law, Migration and Asylum Protection, Peace and Conflicts, Transitional Justice, Governance, Children’s Rights, Sustainable development, comparative Public Law and Constitutional Law and social policy. They offer consultancy services and training workshops to likeminded Organisations and state institutions. Collaborate and act as experts toward project implementation. Besides, ADFRaD’s Governing Board as the highest decision making body, the team is made up of academic professionals and individuals equally with varying experiences.

Dr. Fitsum R. Teddla


A German. A freelance worker in migration and asylum in Giessen and surrounding areas in Germany. He holds a PhD in Social Sciences from the Justus Liebig University Giessen Germany, with specialisation in global justice, MA in Development Management, MA in Administration, MA in Social Anthropology and BA in Sociology.


Dr. Baba I. Musah


A Ghanaian. He is a social worker, teacher, a political scientist, a policy and development practitioner. He is also a gender and children’s rights advocate. He holds a PhD in Laws from the Justus Liebig University Giessen, Germany with specialisation in International Human Rights Law, Bachelor of Arts in Social Work, MA in Social Policy Studies, Mphil in Gender and Development.


Dr. Wisdom Momodu


A German/Nigerian. A legal practitioner and a solicitor. He holds a PhD in Laws from the Justus Liebig University Giessen, Germany with speciality in International Human Rights Law. He currently works with the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in Berlin, Germany as a Legal/Administrative Officer. His expertise cut across Human Rights Law, Gender Equality, Labour Law, Constitutional Law, Corporate Responsibility, Children’s Rights, Migration Law and Governance.


Dr. Eric C. Muma


A Cameroonian, a Human Rights Lawyer, Consultant and teacher. He Holds a Doctorate Degree (2019) in Laws and LL.M (2019) in Comparative Child Law from the Justus Liebig University in Giessen, Germany and the North-West University Potchefstroom, South Africa. He also holds a Postgraduate Diploma (DIPL-2014) in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law from the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Order), Germany and an LL.B in English Private Law from the University of Yaounde II Soa with specialization and expertise in International Human Rights, Migration/Refugee/Asylum Law, Constitutional Law, Governance, Peace and Conflict management, Transitional Justice, Public International Law, Comparative Law, Counterterrorism, Sustainable Development, Criminal Law and Corporate Responsibility.