Africa-Diaspora Forum for Research and Development e.V.

Africa-Diaspora Forum for Research and Development e.V.

We are currently engaged in the promotion of human rights related to cultural practices(witchcraft related practices).

The project is titled:
MAKING HUMAN RIGHTS WORK IN PRACTICE: Sensitization and Empowerment of Vulnerable Groups to Act as Agents of Change and Development through Social Inclusion.

This year long project is sponsored by the German Development Organisation for International Cooperation (GIZ) with a Sum of 48400Euros and will run from 01.January 2021–01 January 2022. The project is currently being implemented in the Northern Region of Ghana (Tamale). It is managed by the Africa-Diaspora Forum for Research and Development e.V as the DIASPORA and SONGTABA as the partner and implementing (Home Based) organisation in Ghana.

Witchcraft and its associated practices are prevalent in Ghana, as in other parts of Africa. It forms an indelible part of the socio-cultures of many African communities. In Ghana, especially in the northern region, witchcraft related practices have resulted in the ‘creation’ of alleged witches’ camps. These ‘camps’ have been identified to be problematic, especially in this era of ‘right and culture’. In particular, they are noted to violate numerous international human rights laws, and indeed beat the imaginations of many given that Ghana is often classified as a beacon of democracy and human rights among young and growing democracies across the globe.

Through a number of activities, including a workshop, community meetings, and media engagements, this year long project is aimed at training multiplicators/COMBAT Groups and stakeholders on how to deal with cases of witchcraft, which will lead to the social inclusion of accused persons of witchcraft by raising awareness and publicity through media engagements on the prevalence and dangers of witchcraft practices in Ghana and the existence of these camps, which are unknown to the world. In addition, the project shall further enlighten people on their rights and values, especially in relation to the human rights of the victims who reside in those camps.

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