Africa-Diaspora Forum for Research and Development e.V.

Africa-Diaspora Forum for Research and Development e.V.

1.1. About Us
ADFRaD was founded by a team of like-minded people who were concerned about the development gap between the global north, especially those from Africa, and the global south, particularly Europe, and the need to bridge this growing gap through intercultural engagements, knowledge transfer and exchange, education and sensitization, promotion of world peace and respect for human rights, global solidarity and development cooperation.

1.2. Vision & Mission
VISION: To create a world in which no one will be left behind in all aspects of life.

MISSION: To work with governments, international organisations and/ or agencies, community stakeholders to find sustainable solutions to global problems.

1.3. Our Objectives
To work in collaboration with like-minded and other identifiable stakeholders to:

  • Promote equal rights for men and women and global peace for sustainable development.
  • Contribute to the mitigation of illegal migration.
  • Promote education and research.
  • To promote democratic global governance, rule of law and equal justice for all without discrimination.
  • Promote development cooperation between the global south (Africa) and the global north (Europe).
  • Promote tolerance in all areas of culture.
  • Fight against climate change through environmental protection/promote climate justice.
  • Empower people to act as agents of change in their communities.

1.4. What we do
We dedicate our time in the implementation of scientific events and research projects, education, research and networking activities and campaigns, organisation of educational training workshops, information sharing/sensitization, mentoring and counselling programs. ADFRaD also collaborate with individuals, organizations, agencies and groups who share its founding values, vision, mission and objectives. We also offer consultancy services to individuals, organisations, agencies and groups. For instance, from October 2018 – October 2019, our team offered services and collaborated with a Non Governmental Organisation (Initiative Black and White e.V.) in Germany to implement a project of 48000Euros under the sponsorship of the German Society for International Cooperation, Ltd (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), GmbH to fight against ‘the Causes of Flight in Africa(Ghana)’.

1.5. Present main Project: Migration

Current/Ongoing Project
We are currently engaged in the promotion of human rights related to cultural practices(witchcraft related practices).

The project is titled:
MAKING HUMAN RIGHTS WORK IN PRACTICE: Sensitization and Empowerment of Vulnerable Groups to Act as Agents of Change and Development through Social Inclusion.

This year long project is sponsored by the German Development Organisation for International Cooperation (GIZ) with a Sum of 48400Euros and will run from 01.January 2021–01 January 2022. The project is currently being implemented in the Northern Region of Ghana (Tamale). It is managed by the Africa-Diaspora Forum for Research and Development e.V as the DIASPORA and SONGTABA as the partner and implementing (Home Based) organisation in Ghana.

Witchcraft and its associated practices are prevalent in Ghana, as in other parts of Africa. It forms an indelible part of the socio-cultures of many African communities. In Ghana, especially in the northern region, witchcraft related practices have resulted in the ‘creation’ of alleged witches’ camps. These ‘camps’ have been identified to be problematic, especially in this era of ‘right and culture’. In particular, they are noted to violate numerous international human rights laws, and indeed beat the imaginations of many given that Ghana is often classified as a beacon of democracy and human rights among young and growing democracies across the globe.

Through a number of activities, including a workshop, community meetings, and media engagements, this year long project is aimed at training multiplicators/COMBAT Groups and stakeholders on how to deal with cases of witchcraft, which will lead to the social inclusion of accused persons of witchcraft by raising awareness and publicity through media engagements on the prevalence and dangers of witchcraft practices in Ghana and the existence of these camps, which are unknown to the world. In addition, the project shall further enlighten people on their rights and values, especially in relation to the human rights of the victims who reside in those camps.

1.6 Our Team
1.6.1. Leadership
ADFRaD leadership are from diverse backgrounds. With many years of wide ranging experiences, the team is made up of people with firsthand knowledge in project management, coordination and implementation especially related to Human Rights Law, Migration and Asylum Protection, Peace and Conflicts, Transitional Justice, Governance, Children’s Rights, Sustainable development, comparative Public Law and Constitutional Law and social policy. They offer consultancy services and training workshops to likeminded Organisations and state institutions. Collaborate and act as experts toward project implementation. Besides, ADFRaD’s Governing Board as the highest decision making body, the team is made up of academic professionals and individuals equally with varying experiences.

Dr. Fitsum R. Teddla( PRESIDENT)

A German. A freelance worker in migration and asylum in Giessen and surrounding areas in Germany. He holds a PhD in Social Sciences from the Justus Liebig University Giessen Germany, with specialisation in global justice, MA in Development Management, MA in Administration, MA in Social Anthropology and BA in Sociology.

Dr. Baba I. Musah (VICE PRESIDENT)

A Ghanaian. He is a social worker, teacher, a political scientist, a policy and development practitioner. He is also a gender and children’s rights advocate. He holds a PhD in Laws from the Justus Liebig University Giessen, Germany with specialisation in International Human Rights Law, Bachelor of Arts in Social Work, MA in Social Policy Studies, Mphil in Gender and Development.


A German/Nigerian. A legal practitioner and a solicitor. He holds a PhD in Laws from the Justus Liebig University Giessen, Germany with speciality in International Human Rights Law. He currently works with the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in Berlin, Germany as a Legal/Administrative Officer. His expertise cut across Human Rights Law, Gender Equality, Labour Law, Constitutional Law, Corporate Responsibility, Children’s Rights, Migration Law and Governance.

Dr. (jur.) Eric C. Muma (SECRETARY)

He is the current Chairman of Africa-Diaspora Forum for Research and Development (ADFRaD) e. V. Dr. Muma is a Cameroonian with a migration background and expertise from the global South. He is also the founder and board member of ADFRaD e.V with several years of experienced in project management and coordination, implementation and monitoring. Dr. Muma is also a jurist by profession and a legal adviser on migration and promoting effective integration in Germany and voluntary return and reintegration of migrants in countries of origin with no positive stay perspective in Germany. He holds a Doctorate Degree (2019) in Law and LL.M (2013) in Comparative Child Law from the Justus Liebig University in Giessen, Germany, and the North-West University Potchefstroom, South Africa. A Postgraduate Diploma (DIPL-2014) in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law from the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Order) and an LL.B in  Law from the University of Yaoundé II SOA. His area of specialization is Public International Law, with expertise in International Human Rights Law, Migration/Refugee and Asylum Protection, Constitutional Law, Counterterrorism, Peace and Conflict Management and humanitarian protecting.

Aigbekaen Osas Elizabeth (TREASURER)

Nditapah Eunice Yawah (ASSISTANT TREASURER)